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BT Auto Detailing offers a wide range of services from Hand Washes to Paint Correction. Helping you find the perfect service that fits your needs and price range.

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Your car is likely one of the most expensive investments you will make, often right behind the purchase of a home or paying for college. Using BT Auto Detailing helps ensure that your auto gets the proper care a sizable investment warrants. Your car will be properly cared for with the best products and processes. 


Things to keep in mind about protecting your vehicle:

Detailing your vehicle is equally about making it look the best it can, as it’s about protecting and extending the life of your vehicles paint, wheels, plastics, leathers, and more.

Hand washing a car’s exterior is very important. While drive-thru car washes seem fast and easy, they are also rough on a car’s exterior and may cause minor scratches and swirl marks on your car’s paint. Also, how many times have you noticed that the wheels, door jams, or other parts of the car are not well cleaned?

Improper cleaning of your car’s surface before applying wax or polish is self-defeating. It is very important that your car’s paint has as little surface grime or debris as possible, before protectants are applied. Keep your car protected and looking great by having it properly hand washed monthly and fully detailed twice a year.

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