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About Brice

My name is Brice Talbert (BT) and I was born and raised in New Jersey.

Growing up, cars had a big influence on my life. My grandfather loved to work on cars and even raced them (on a race track). My father loves them as well, always keeping his vehicles in the best condition. That love of cars was passed down to me.

I wanted to get into something that I was passionate about and knew it had to be something in the automotive industry. With no experience I went out looking for someone willing to give me a chance and train me in becoming a mechanic or auto body technician. After two days and 22 different businesses telling me no, someone finally gave me a chance. At that body shop I was professionally trained to be an auto body technician and detailer. Though I enjoyed being an auto body technician, I found a passion for the detailing. I was told and believe that ‘if you want to be good at something, practice. If you want to be great at something, be passionate.’

I take a methodical approach to detailing, which makes for a thorough and better quality detail. I want to make sure everything is done right. No matter if I am doing a car wash or an exterior detail, the same level of care and effort goes into my work. I do my best to be ever evolving and finding better and more efficient ways to work. My work and I are not perfect, but I strive to be regardless.