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Exterior Detail

An Exterior Detail will not only make your vehicle look great, it will provide long-lasting protection to all of your vehicle’s exterior components. An exterior detail will remove the road grime and debris from your vehicle and then protect it from new debris latching onto your car’s paint with a 6-month sealant. This high-level detail will enhance your vehicle’s shine, extend the life of your vehicle’s paint, and can increase the value of your car. Then, having your car washed on a monthly basis will extend and maximize the life of the Exterior Detail.

Starting at: $200

Steps of the Exterior Detail

Interior Detail

One of our Interior Details is a great way to remove the stains and smells that have made their way into your vehicle. Carpets and upholstery seats, stain and hold smells just like normal home carpet. A strong shampoo cleaner and extractor are used to work their way into the fibers to eliminate smells and pull out the grim. Cleaning and conditioning the leather interior of your car will help maintain the color and lessen the chance of any cracking; thus, improve the look and life of your car’s leather seats.

Starting at: $200

Steps of the Interior Detail

  • Vehicle Vacuumed
  • Carpet and Upholstery Shampooed and Extracted
  • Plastic, Vinyls, and Rubbers Cleaned
  • Plastic, Vinyls, and Rubbers are then applied with a protectant
  • Leather Cleaned and Conditioned
  • Windows Cleaned

Full Detail

The Full Detail is a combination of both worlds.

In this detail you’ll receive everything from the Exterior Detail and Interior Detail! This offering will get your car in showroom condition.

Starting at: $400

Steps of the Full Detail

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