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These photos are a great example of what an exterior detail can do for your vehicle. Here you can really see what depth is, related to a car’s paint. It’s essentially how well the paint can reflect light and color back to you. Not only does this car look much better, The paint is also protected for six months!

These pictures show what paint correction can do for your vehicle. This specific paint correction used was the Cut & Polish. The car is an older Toyota MR2 and the car’s paint did not come with clear coating from the factory. (That means that there is no clear coat protecting the paint from the outside.) As you can see in the photo on the left, that paint at the back end of the vehicle has started to fade and lose its shine. The Cutting Stage performed did a great job exposing new paint to the surface. Afterwards the Polish brought out the shine and depth of the paint. (As for the two different colors seen in the image to the right, the car was previously repainted after an accident, the paint shop did not match the paint perfectly).

This a great example of when you need an Interior Detail and what it can do for your interior. These seats were an absolute disaster and with the help of interior shampoo and an extractor, I was able to make this interior look almost brand new.

When you car receives an Exterior Wash or Exterior Detail, your vehicles wheels, tires, and wheel wells do not go overlooked. Your wheels and tires alone can make a big difference in how your vehicle looks. Also, the spray used to break down the dirt and brake dust, provides a small layer of protection from corrosion.


Here is an Interior Wipe Down example. It clearly shows what the power of a vacuum, wet towel, some all purpose cleaner, and some elbow grease can accomplish. As long as you don’t have mold, stains, or bad smells, the Interior Wipe Down will absolutely get the job done for you.


Dark-colored cars show dirt and grime easier than light-colored cars. But a proper detail and wash can really show off the beautiful depth and shine of a dark-colored vehicle.